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April 05, 2018

Sage 100 Contractor: Updating your software

There are many ways to get the latest updates from Sage.  You may get an email with the downloadtipstricks-3 link in it, or you can get a notification from the Sage advisor update, or you can click on your Home & Resource tab, then choose Sage Support, then Downloads and updates.

What I recommend is having a central location that all workstations can get to and put the download there.  Create a folder titled “Sage Updates” so everyone knows where to go to run the update on their workstations.  This prevents all users from having to run the download, If one person saves the download, then everyone else can just run the update and be done.

Just remember you should do the server first, make sure all users are out of Sage when running the update, once the update is done on the server, make sure to open the Database Administrator and update the companies.  Once the companies are updated, all users can then update their workstation and start working again.

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