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December 04, 2018

What Is Time Capture and How Can It Help Construction Companies?

In the construction business, a large part of your success is how well you manage project costs. In timecapturealmost every project, your biggest expense usually comes from labor.

To date, tracking time and labor costs have been an intense undertaking often riddled with inaccuracies, inefficiencies, and lack of follow up. Truth be told, there simply hasn’t been an easy way to capture time on the clock and compare that to time actually spent working on the job site.

But the benefits of accurate time tracking are too great to ignore.

AboutTime Technologies introduced the WorkMax Cloud time reporting solution and App., a mobile tool that takes the guesswork out of time-tracking to give construction companies a better handle on labor costs.

How WorkMax Works

This game-changing app is a welcome solution to the frustrating, time-consuming process of keeping weekly time sheets for construction projects. WorkMax uses mobile technology to
allow workers to log their time on the go and update it in real-time for construction companies to review. This gives managers and contractors an up-to-the-minute look at labor costs so they know where to add, cut, or maintain. Providing daily time rather than weekly time sheets results in a more accurate representation of labor costs. There’s no guesswork or estimating required, nor will time sheets fall through the cracks and create complications. Rather, managers can compare labor costs to their job estimates and job-to-date costs to ensure each project stays on target. In addition, they can better identify projects that might be or become overbudget and mitigate their losses early. These benefits are only achievable with real-time visibility, and WorkMax offers an in-depth look at timekeeping every step of the way. And most importantly, WorkMax integrates with other Sage solutions for construction companies. You can add WorkMax e to your product suite for a more powerful, comprehensive solution that makes a visible difference in your bottom line.

The Result: Real-Time Visibility and Increased


WorkMax was designed to solve one of the most profit-draining problems of construction companies. Businesses will know at a glance what their labor costs are so they can make informed decisions as to how to adjust budgets, cut or add hours, or juggle other areas of the project. This is a major advancement for construction companies that traditionally manage time sheets and job costs by hand. WorkMax automates much of the timekeeping and tallying processes for you so all you’re left with is to compare your totals. It’s less work for workers and back office administrators alike, which can automatically result in lower costs and higher profitability. Add that to the other time- and money-saving benefits with improved labor management, and you’ve got a winning formula for more profitable projects, every time.

See WorkMax in Action Today

WorkMax was designed to allow construction companies to intuitively capture labor costs to keep your projects on task and on budget. Contact us to see WorkMax in action!.

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