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May 03, 2017

 Sage 100 Contractor How To: Get the Reports You Need


Many times clients call looking for reports.  Sage is full of report options along with different ways to run them.

Each Report printing page has selection criteria options to narrow your search and possibly shorten the length of the report you are running.

If you want just one job, be sure to put just the one job number in the job box, or you can choose a job status like open or closed. 

You can choose whether you want it alphabetically or not, totals or not.  Each report has its own options, don’t be afraid to try each of them.  The information is all the same, it’s just getting it to look the way you want.

Also, if you choose a report that ends in “long”, it will always give you more info than if you choose one that does not.

Don’t forget any report can also be exported to excel, word or an email.

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