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October 13, 2015

4 Ways How Construction Document Management Can Transform Your Business


The construction world is quickly catching up to emerging technology platforms that other industries have been using to develop a competitive advantage. File sharing applications like Box, Dropbox and ShareFile significantly streamline the process of transferring information between teams, and construction management firms are leveraging these solutions in the office and field. But file sharing alone still leaves some gaps in the collaboration process that results in inefficiencies and other drawbacks that could easily be avoided with a more complete solution: construction document management.

What makes it different from the Dropboxes of the world? Well, there are a few reasons why it stands out as a superior approach, but here are our top 4:

Reason #1: Construction document management makes it possible to keep everyone working off the same file, instead of worrying about whether a file was updated since the last time it was viewed. This enables greater collaboration and less re-work (and frustration) down the line.

Reason #2: For documents requiring a workflow and approvals, construction document management seamlessly automates the routing of these items to the proper channels, another benefit that supports a team approach.

Reason #3: Organization is an additional feature of document management that offers advantages over standard file sharing apps. Associations, or the process by which documents are linked with subsequent versions or other related files is automatic with construction document management, as opposed to searching through old emails to find critical files.

Reason #4: Document management also provides a clear organizational structure and naming conventions to eliminate confusion, as well as enabling robust reporting capabilities to keep teams apprised of outstanding action items and the status of submitted proposals, among other tasks.

By creating a stronger digital paper trail and eliminating the amount of time wasted searching for the latest file version, a construction document management system can yield huge improvements in efficiency while reducing mistakes created due to lack or organization. Sage’s suite of document management and paperless construction solutions are designed to help construction managers realize the immediate benefits of a construction document management solution, and United Solutions’ team is here to help make that deployment a reality.

To schedule time to discuss how a construction document management system might transform your business, contact United Solutions today.

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