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April 03, 2018

5 Benefits of TimberScan Every Accountant Will Want to Know About

timberscan-1Cars, homes, industrial robots, and even delivery services are reaping the benefits of automated technology. But despite this rise of hands-free everything, many companies are still doing all or most of their accounting tasks by hand.

What’s worse is that most accounting technologies only automate portions of your processes. In other words, they still require some hands-on involvement, which can largely overshadow any potential benefits of automation.

TimberScan was created specifically for accounting professionals who want to automate the AP process as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Take a look at the top benefits that are changing accounting departments for the better:

#1 – TimberScan Gives You Full Insight into Your Accounting

One of TimberScan’s best features is its on-demand transparency. Its powerful reporting engine gives you a look at all costs for each job, stages of approval processes, and other insights at a moment’s notice.

Relevant invoices and emails can also be saved and reviewed within the software, offering you a way to keep all project details in one spot.

#2 – Automation Means Hands-Free Functionality

TimberScan is unique in that its automation capabilities truly mean hands-free. It comes with built-in and customizable actions that help you make the most of your system.

It logs every detail. It makes it easy to repeat tasks. It cancels labor-intensive actions that limit your team’s productivity.

Best of all, their routing rules allow you to view an electronic paper trail of all actions in a workflow so you’re never left wondering if your automation is working.

#3 – You Get a Paper-Free Experience

Since all activity takes place within the software, you don’t have the added weight of sorting, filing, and retrieving paper documents. Printing costs are minimized, which saves you additional funds on toner, paper, printer maintenance, and other related expenses.

It also means you need less space for paper storage and archives, which can reduce the footprint of your work environment.

#4 – Automated Software is Scalable

Ideal for companies of all sizes, TimberScan is a scalable solution that can fit the budget and work requirements of any business.

Your software can keep up no matter where business takes you or how quickly it grows. It accommodates all your projects and clients without increasing your investment or required infrastructure to keep more profit in your pocket.

#5 – TimberScan Integrates With Other Sage Solutions

One of the biggest issues most automation software solutions face is the lack of ability to integrate with other systems. You might be able to automate parts of your accounting processes, but will need to manually transfer information to other software.

TimberScan has eliminated this barrier through communicating with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate software.

This makes double data entry a thing of the past so business can move as fast as you do.

What Can TimberScan Do For You?


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