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June 20, 2019

5 Irresistible Benefits of Using Estimating Software


With the fierce competition for projects in the construction industry, having an effective estimating process has become more important than ever before. Creating a competitive bid is a vital aspect of winning new projects.

But you can only deliver a competitive bid if you have the best tools for project cost estimation. Tools like Sage Estimating Software help your project team move from manual error-prone processes to super-efficient automated applications.

Here are some of the major benefits of using top-notch estimating software.

1. Quick Material and Equipment Cost Comparison

Cost estimation software designed by reputable developers helps you arrange takeoff quantities of the materials and equipment you need for a proposed project. Some tools allow you to import prices from your personal suppliers and compare them with the prices curated by the estimation software.

To calculate the total project cost for your next bid, you must have instant access to material costs. Estimation software gives you faster access to costs than any manual method that requires calling suppliers or visiting multiple websites to get cost estimates.

2. Accurate Recalculations

Ordinarily, after you’ve collected the quantities and prices required for a construction bid, you’ll start adding them up manually to create an accurate bid. But with tools like Sage Estimating Software, you don’t have to go through the grueling manual calculation process anymore.

The software has the capability to recalculate estimates immediately after you alter any quantity or price. It does this automatically, and the possibility of making errors is very minimal. This is a major cost saving benefit because construction projects have been stalled or delayed in the past because the company couldn’t spot errors in their project cost estimates.


3. Central Storage and Tracking of Information

Another vital benefit of using a software for project estimation is the capacity to store, edit and track all related information in one central database. All the details about prices, formulas and productivity factors reside in just one data repository instead of being stored in different spreadsheets which may be easily misplaced. The disparate flat files also make it very difficult to track the history of changes in cost data.

4. Efficient Monitoring of Construction Costs

Estimation software is great for preparing bids and calculating takeoff prices and quantities. But its usefulness goes beyond cost estimation. You can use it to document and monitor changes to cost estimates as the project moves forward. As material prices and costs change, you can use the software to stay on top of the situation and provide evidence that you need to re-evaluate the cost of the rest of the project.

5. Integration with Other Project Management Technology

Your cost estimating software can communicate directly with other project management applications. This allows your cost estimates to link up with accounting and other project management tools. It’s one of the best ways to enhance collaboration among other office staff and keep all project teams focused and well-aligned towards achieving your main project objectives and timelines.

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