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February 02, 2018

7 Benefits of Going Paperless


Paperless document management solutions are quickly growing in popularity. Tools like Sage Paperless Construction are widespread, increasing the ability for companies to reduce or even eliminate the number of physical paper documents that cross over their workers’ desks.

Unsure of whether your company can benefit from going paperless? Here are 7 of the best reasons why you need to consider switching.

1. Document Organization

If there’s one thing that any office worker can attest to, it’s that time spent hunting for important documents in a filing cabinet is extremely time-consuming. Paperless document management systems avoid such inefficiencies thanks to keyword-based organization.

2. Faster, Less Expensive Client Communication

With documents at your fingertips, the process of sending clients proposals or requested information is so easy by email since all your documents are already in a file format ready to be sent.  Reducing turn around time is significant.

3. Ease of Filing and Retrieval

Hundreds of man-hours are lost every week to both filing paper documents properly and then also retrieving them when needed. The physical act of searching through filing cabinets is frustrating for the office worker and wasteful for the business, but a paperless system eliminates these slowdowns and bottlenecks with systems that can be accessed right from a worker’s desktop.

4. Loss Mitigation through Automatic Backups

In an office environment, physical documents go missing all the time. Paper documents get misplaced, lost, or accidentally thrown out or destroyed, but electronic documents don’t suffer such fates. Systems with automatic backups can provide loss mitigation in the face of human error by ensuring electronically-stored files are subjected to redundant backups on a regular basis. These backups also protect important documents from being damaged by fires, floods, or other physical disasters.

5. Heightened Data Security

As easy as it is to misplace paper documents, it’s also easy for them to end up in the wrong hands. All it takes is one physical data breach where sensitive documents are ransacked by thieves to ruin the reputation of a company as the personal details of its clients or employees are mined by those bent on identity theft or other criminal mischief. Digital documents are much more secure than their hard copy counterparts, making them much less susceptible to such a damaging data breach.

6. Green Technology

Paperless systems are inherently environmentally friendly. Eliminating the massive amounts of paper waste that traditional document systems create is important for environmental stewardship. Reducing or eliminating as much of your company’s carbon footprint is a promise not just to your clients that you are a responsible company but a forward-thinking one as well.

7. Ancillary Savings

The ancillary savings to eliminating paper in your office is substantial. In addition to eliminating the sheer cost of constantly purchasing reams of paper for printers and copy machines, the cost of maintaining those machines is also reduced by a substantial margin. The savings in printer ink alone is substantial.

In Closing

The potential benefits of your business transitioning to a paperless document management system are many. If you’re ready to reap the rewards, contact us today and see how we can help.

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