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June 01, 2017

Achieving New Levels of Customer Service in Service Management

The U.S. economy is one that represents a variety of wants, needs and desires. From the types of construction-technology.pngproducts we buy to the vendors that consumers support, all reflect deeply personal purchasing decisions. But the playing field is changing in terms of how businesses earn the loyalty of customers, as the shift has migrated from just the goods or services purchased to the experience that accompanies their acquisition. In our increasingly service-based economy, it has become vital for companies to enhance their customer service capabilities to stand out from the competition.

In many ways, consumers today expect as a baseline that a contractor will do its job well, whether it’s plumbing, electrical or HVAC, or anything in between. But now their expectations for an experience worth recommending to others goes beyond a positive end result – they want to experience a level of sophistication in the actual delivery of the service they’re buying that other companies can’t touch.

That’s why technology solutions that enhance the customer experience are gaining a foothold in the construction and real estate industries, a trend greatly enabled by the proliferation of cloud technology that makes deployment of innovative new solutions a snap – and oftentimes affordable, as well. Coupled with the rapid rise in mobile device usage by field teams, it has suddenly become the norm that workers on job sites will be able to troubleshoot, schedule appointments and view work order histories all from the palm of their hands.  If your company hasn’t yet adopted a mobile field solution, it may be time to consider doing so.

Similarly, service operations solutions is a vital tool for any contractor that is looking to enhance the performance of their fleet operations, allowing companies to keep tabs on inventory stocked on company vehicles, call dispatching, work orders and service calls. Whether using this technology to make your internal operations run more efficiently or to be more responsive to customer warranty claims, the benefits are numerous. Customer loyalty plays a significant role in keeping your business pipeline full, and service management technology enables contractors to keep tabs on work orders, schedule service calls, automate billing and more.

Within this migration to new mobile- and cloud-based technology solutions is the overall migration to paperless document management and the ability to consume data in real-time, helping contractors shed their reliance on manual, paper-based records management while also being able to adopt a holistic view of their service management performance. Business intelligence is providing companies across every industry with a critical edge in delivering a superior project management experience for customers, but it requires a robust technology infrastructure to extract the actionable analytics required to make changes and address customer needs more proactively than the competition.

For more information on how a service operations solution might work for you, contact United Solutions today.

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