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May 16, 2019

Automate Your Productivity Like a Pro With Sage Paperless Construction

iStock-612231268Sage Paperless Construction is online software that eliminates stacks of paper and stores all project documents in a central location. The need to search through stacks of paper to find an important document will end!

Using a document management platform like Sage Paperless Construction automates document storage, retrieval and approval, seamlessly integrating with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage 100 Contractor. With the ability to increase the efficiency and productivity of your team, this software from Sage could be the best tool to achieve your goal.

Why Sage Paperless Construction?

Replacing manual filing and documentation systems with the Sage paperless system, cuts down the cost of paper, printing, storage, labor, invoice processing, and approval, saving a significant number of man-hours every day. Never lose a document again!

Benefits of Using Sage Paperless Construction

Here are some the main benefits of this paperless document management solution.

  • Get Rid of Paper Files: Do away with all paper files and avoid the clutter, distraction, and burden they create. Eliminate storage fees and reduce the cost of office space.
  • Make Prompt Payments: Track invoices and make quick payments. Build strong relationships with your subcontractors by paying them promptly.
  • Boost Efficiency: Automate the process of document distribution and invoice approval and create a highly efficient organization.
  • Make Your Team More Productive: Give your employees quicker access to vital project documents.
  • Eliminate Waste: Help your co-workers to stop wasting time and effort looking for misplaced paper files and documents.
  • Credit Card Import: Paperless allows the importing of credit card transactions and can assign default coding (such as GL account, job number, PO number, subcontractor or equipment number) to transaction lines.


Features of Sage Paperless Construction

Paperless Construction provides different modules and tools for document storage, routing, retrieval, and approval such as:

Secure Document Capture and Storage

Capture documents by scanning, uploading, or importing them from any location. You can also work seamlessly with the XML import feature in Microsoft Office. All documents will be stored in a single location with adequate security.

Automated Document Routing

Distribute project and company documents to appropriate employees using well-defined rules. Set up routing rules, dates of return, and monitor routing progress, with the ability to route multiple documents, review their status, and recall them when necessary.

Sage Software Integration

Paperless Construction integrates seamlessly with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, making it possible to develop a paperless process to manage contracts, pictures, building plans, and change orders. You can also use the software to route purchase requisition and service work orders, to update project estimates, and distribute daily mail.


Call for a Free Software Demo Today

To see how Sage Paperless Construction can transform your business using real data, give us a call now. We’ll provide a guide that will show you all the features and benefits of using this unique document management and routing solution.



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