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March 04, 2022

Avoiding the Roadblocks to Project Success

Project Success 3Within the construction management industry, there are numerous ways to set the stage for a project early on. Will it be smooth sailing or a bumpy ride that leaves partners and clients disgruntled? That end result is often directly aligned with how well project management teams prepare and the tools they have at their disposal to manage project tasks as efficiently as possible.

The course of a project is often determined by a thorough vetting of its viability that typically occurs in the pre-construction phase. By performing a precursory evaluation of the project before the first shovel hits the ground, project teams are better prepared for any and all potential job costs. Lack of preparation can hurt relations with the client as well as with subcontractors when the unexpected occurs.

One of the biggest obstacles to project success is lack of organization. From technology systems to project management style, project teams are held to incredibly high standards in today’s construction management environment. Project managers need to adopt a variety of skills not limited to simple task execution but to also encompass the strategic leadership necessary to ensure each project aligns with the company’s mission and values.

Aligned with this is the need for construction project managers to take on higher levels of accountability to ensure mistakes and oversights are owned up to instead of resulting in a contentious round of finger-pointing. Understanding why a project fell behind schedule or a materials order was incorrect demands a leader that accepts responsibility for oversights and works hard to correct them.

Within this responsibility comes the need to identify areas of weakness to ensure a construction company’s success doesn’t end up causing headaches in the form of revenue loss or reputation damage. Project managers need to control projects in such a way that surprises are manageable if not eliminated entirely. For instance, lack of insights into job costing data could hamper a project team’s efforts to effectively track project performance and also strain relationships with subcontractors if budgets are shattered and costs rise higher than anticipated.

These challenges underscore the need for the right people and the right tools for the job. United Solutions Inc. works with construction managers and general contractors to deploy the proper construction software solution for their needs in order to quickly eliminate discrepancies, keep track of contracts, improve labor tracking and more.

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