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August 26, 2019

Top 4 Benefits of Cloud-Based Construction Takeoff Software

etakeoff2Creating a construction material takeoff by hand is a tedious process. Here’s what makes electronic takeoff software a smart investment.

When you want to bid for a new construction project, you have two options: produce the takeoff estimates by hand or automate the entire process. Creating a construction material quantification list by hand is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Plus, it’s error-prone. In fact, making accurate changes to the document during the bidding process can be a nightmare. That’s why you need to use electronic quantity takeoff software like Sage eTakeoff for construction cost estimating.

Here are some of the most important features that make electronic takeoff software a smart investment.

Automated Creation of Bill of Quantities

Takeoff software usually has the capacity to read blueprints and design documents. After uploading the blueprints, all you need is to measure length’s counts and area’s to create a bill of materials.  

Fast and Easy Cost Calculations

Manual generation of construction takeoff requires the expertise of someone who has great math skills, including the ability to use specific equations for calculating estimates. Numbers will also have to be computed and rechecked many times to prevent errors.

Takeoff software eliminates the need for an employee with expert math skills by including all the calculations and equations in the program. Also, making modifications is as easy as pressing a button. As soon as any material is removed from the blueprint, the program automatically recalculates the new material requirements for the project.

Access to Accurate Material Costs Across North America

With takeoff software, you’ll have instant access to a database containing prices for every major city in North America. This allows you to use the most accurate prices from the location where you’re most likely to purchase them.

You also can populate a database with your own prices if you believe they’ll be more accurate. This hastens the process of determining material costs when you’re using a reliable construction takeoff software.

Efficient Adjustment of Takeoff Materials

During the bidding process, some changes will need to be made to the materials, prices and quantities. Using takeoff software makes this easy to do. The prices or quantities can be adjusted in one place and the changes will reflect throughout in all project documents.

In large projects, structural engineers need to modify their specifications due to changes in the client’s desires or changes in the overall project budget. When this happens, the construction takeoff must be modified. Digital takeoff software makes it possible to update a price or quantity with the click of a button.

Do You Want to See How Our Construction Takeoff Software Works?

If you want to see a free demo of Sage eTakeoff software, then contact us now. We’ll show you how you can use this software’s features such as integration with Sage Estimating, pattern search for counting similar materials, work breakdown, project tracking and many others.


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