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February 18, 2016

Boosting Job Costing Performance with Sage


While every construction company knows how important it is to accurately track and manage costs, some firms don’t realize that their existing software solution may be holding them back. It's understandable: smaller companies start out using an off-the-shelf solution to simply track money coming in and going out. As companies grow, however, and the scale of the work increases, the inherent flaws of those cookie-cutter solutions - further complicated by spreadsheets and handwritten notes - become quite obvious.

The risk for companies that continue to use these ad-hoc solutions is that key numbers go unrecorded. Missing change orders is a frequent problem, as is lack of visibility into how profitable, or not profitable, a project was. Overall visibility is low and it's almost impossible to get a broad view of the project, one that affords the level of insight necessary to address challenges before it is too late. With information residing in disparate locations, the likelihood is low that construction project teams will catch everything.

That's why so many construction companies are turning to Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate (CRE) to handle job costing responsibilities and everything in between – literally! Project teams are moving off the spreadsheet and adopting construction technology solutions that were built from the ground up for their industry. From accounting to estimating to scheduling (and more), Sage 100 Contractor and 300 CRE enable project teams to achieve a higher level of organization and cultivates a standardized approach to capturing vital project data. By eliminating the risks associated with transcribing handwritten notes or erroneous double data entry, contractor teams will enjoy new peace of mind knowing their construction software platform is helping them keep customers confident and happy with their building partner.

When you factor in that Sage technology allows teams to remotely enter project updates like materials and change orders via laptop or mobile device, it becomes clear that Sage 100 Contractor and 300 CRE were built for the demands of the construction environment. And with information updated and posted in real-time, teams can rest easy knowing there's not an errant change order floating around a trailer or missing data locked in a spreadsheet.

Construction software solutions from Sage are designed to take companies to the next level. With greater control comes better project management, which can help companies preserve their profitability now and grow the project pipeline for the future. To find out how your firm can benefit from Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 CRE, contact USI today.


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