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December 16, 2014

Building Stronger Relationships through Technology

Today’s construction industry comes down to being a game of inches when measuring who wins new business. Everyone is competing harder than they ever have, and project owners are looking for key differentiators to help sway their opinion in one direction or another. That’s why investing in construction software platforms like a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is so important for contractors looking to build relationships and stand out: it brings new levels of order to their organizations in support of relationship management, especially when integrated with your back office job cost and accounting systems. This delivers other key efficiencies enabling you to remain as agile and competitive as possible.


CRMs are vital for tracking business development activity, from the initial business card exchange to the final proposal submission. This is what most people think of when envisioning a CRM system, but there are numerous additional advantages. For the construction project teams in the field, CRM allows them to monitor customer requests and ensure issues are resolved as soon as possible. In addition, they help general contractors and construction managers stay on top of bidding activity and measure new business performance by identifying the their best bid-hit ratio over time.

Of course, it’s not just the teams in the field – internal office staff can benefit from CRM implementation as well. By housing all business development, accounting, marketing and other related activities in a single place, the CRM interface provides a full view into customer activities, including all communications and correspondence, enabling office teams to gather vital customer feedback post project completion to ensure valuable insights are gained from the construction program. CRMs are also useful in managing marketing activities, deploying email campaigns, and even tracking how different content types perform on social media platforms like Linkedin and Twitter.

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