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October 07, 2021

Construction is Risky Business...Here’s what to look out for – and what to do

Risk. In construction, it lurks around every corner. Left unmanaged, risk can ruin a project, even bring down a business. In this blog, USI President Greg Kirshe addresses common risks facing construction leaders and shares thoughts on how to manage these risks.

 Know your risks. That is step one in protecting your business. Here are the risks your construction business is likely to face:

 Health & Safety Risks. Injuries are common on construction sites. With an integrated Payroll and HR application, you can minimize health and safety risks. You can manage employee skills, training, certificates and licenses. You can be confident that you have the right labor doing the right work. This app is also an ideal location to house information that will help your workers maximize their safety.

Project Risks. Each new project brings its own set of risks. A project management software solution enables you to mitigate those risks. Your entire team will have real-time visibility into the status of each job. Armed with accurate data, you can stay on top of your budgets and commitments and effectively allocate your resources throughout the project.   

Labor Risks. One challenge is tracking your labor data in the field. Sage Construction software enables you to capture that data and seamlessly integrate it into your payroll system. Data is touched only once. It is more accurate, and the process is more efficient.

Change Order Risks. On any project, change orders are all but a given. Each order needs to be documented quickly and made visible to home-office colleagues. Our software tools allow you to do just that, in both words and photos. Proper documentation will allow you to plan and bill accordingly.

Environmental Risks. One risk you can’t control is the weather. You can, however, use software to manage around major storms. One tool allows you to share daily field reports and make them visible to the entire organization. This resource keeps everyone current on each project, including reports on who did and did not make it to the work site each day. Field leaders can also take photos to document damage caused by weather.  

These are just a few examples of how software solutions can help protect you and your business from the many risks inherent in construction. These solutions will improve the accuracy and visibility of your data – and make your business more efficient. Our team at United Solutions has implemented Sage Construction software solutions for hundreds of construction companies throughout New England. These solutions not only help our clients manage risk, they improve operational efficiency and financial visibility. United Solutions is ready to partner with you. To learn more, visit u-s-i.com or call USI President Greg Kirshe at 508-281-1220.

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