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September 29, 2020

Construction Technology Solutions that are Helping Project Owners

constructiontechIn construction, it can be exceedingly easy to get into the blame game. Situations arise where there’s no good answer, from unforeseen conditions to weather delays to materials shortages. In fairness, many of the obstacles a jobsite faces are outside of most everyone’s control, but it’s hard not to start pointing fingers in the heat of the moment, or when deadlines are crashing down around the team.

Truth be told, no matter where the fault lies – even if there’s no one party that can be held to the most recent hurdle – it doesn’t stop the pain from hitting the project owner’s wallet. Oftentimes, when costs spike or delays start piling up, causing a building not to open on time, the owner or developer is taking the direct hit. Yes, in some cases, there are pay-for-performance arrangements wherein the contractor also gets penalized, but most of the bleeding is going to be felt by the property owner’s wallet.

What if that didn’t have to be the case? Well, for construction companies and property owners that have enlisted the help of advanced construction technology tools, it has become possible to better manage projects and achieve greater levels of visibility and communication that helps to avoid the situations described above that can set projects back for months and costs owners thousands upon thousands of dollars (if not much more).

Below you will find a range of construction technology solutions that are helping project owners better manage their projects and the teams building them to spot potential obstacles and devise solutions to work around them – saving time and money in the process.

The Real World Costs of a Lost Email

What’s truly incredible about the construction project team masthead is how many different specialties are represented. It’s not just the contractor and the owner; it’s vendors, architects, engineers, landscape firms, financial partners, and much more – all of whom represent one or more parts of the digital paper trail that begins the second a project is awarded to a bidder. From this point forward, the quality of project communications will have a direct impact on the team’s ability to mitigate challenges and sidestep potential landmines.

Communication is not just about person-to-person interaction, however. It goes way deeper than that, into the level of detail captured in every email, and the real-time access to vital project files. Think about when the owner presents the punch list to the contractor for the must-dos before the project is deemed complete. Having access to all documentation leading up to that point is essential for developing a suitable RFI to gain further clarity on the how’s and why’s behind the punch list. Similarly, once the flow of information starts flying to work through the punch list as quickly as possible, a suitable construction project management software system is essential to capturing project documentation to ensure there are no half-answered questions or missed communications about an issue a subcontractor needed to fix before deeming a project complete.

This is a huge driving force behind why cloud-based collaboration tools are taking multiple industries by storm, construction included. By removing the need (or excuse) to visit the home office simply to log updates from the field or track down a missing financial document, teams can communicate effortlessly without encountering the obstacles that typically arise when information sharing doesn’t occur in real time. Between eliminating the time delays associated with missing information and the extra hours logged by field supervisors traveling back and forth to the home office, project teams that use a cloud-based collaboration platform are already light years ahead of their peers who still rely on entirely in-person communications and visiting the home office to enter daily project updates.

Taking it one step further, this level of communication also pays dividends for worker safety. If jobsite conditions can be recorded in real time and quickly disseminated among the team, potential safety hazards can be flagged far sooner, and all on-site personnel alerted. While cloud-based construction software is often celebrated for its immediate impact on project performance, worker safety is another category that benefits enormously from improved communications.

Construction Software’s Multi-Pronged Benefits

The push for greater collaboration across the entire construction project team is a familiar topic for any IT expert that works in the industry. But understanding the dollars and cents benefits as it relates to the project owner casts a new light on its importance, and the potential benefits across the board.

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