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August 18, 2017

Conversation Leads to Innovation


Surprisingly, the construction industry still tends to lag other fields as it relates to technology adoption. Even with evidence supporting the improvements technology can yield, many experts still report findings that show the monies spent on technology by contractors accounts for a miniscule part of their annual budgets.

In fact, surveys like the JBKnowledge 2016 Construction Technology Report revealed that contractors spend 1 percent or less of annual sales volume on technology investments, underspending other industries by upwards of 70 percent. While it’s tempting to debate why this occurs, the good news is that this trend hasn’t stopped technology companies from developing innovative construction software, ranging from cloud-based collaboration tools to construction estimating solutions that introduce much-needed automation.

The conversation naturally shifts to how to encourage contractors to spend more time (and money) on technology strategy. Sometimes, it begins with a conversation about innovation, a phenomenon not all that uncommon on the jobsite. Every day, superintendents and project managers, subcontractors and architects, are challenged to solve unforeseen and unexpected problems – and the most successful contractors are the ones that are taking those solutions and shaping technology decisions around them.

Take, for instance, the birth of mobile field construction software. This is a technology platform that puts account service history, equipment information, and client contact information in the palm of a field crew member’s hands. This approach has yielded increased productivity for end-users, thanks to real-time updates accessible via tablets and mobile devices. No more running back to the field office to track down information or submit time reports.

In that instance, a hindrance to productivity in the field led to the deployment of technology that keeps field crews on the jobsite, being productive, rather than chasing administrative duties that can be addressed with a mobile device and the click of a button!

It’s amazing what can happen within the spark of a conversation. If you’d like to discuss how technology can play a bigger role in your construction or real estate business, contact United Solutions  today for a free consultation and a review of some of our exciting construction technology solutions available now.

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