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March 10, 2014

Driving Construction Project Management: The Best Tools for the Job

Construction project management teams are tasked with a vast array of responsibilities, from overseeing subcontractor activity and progress milestones to interfacing with clients to ensure their projects are completed within the parameters of desired schedules and budgets. These assignments, however, are a mere snapshot of the many tasks for any given project.

It takes the right mixture of resources for team leaders to achieve key project goals, from getting a new office building weather-tight before winter to identifying cost savings on a fast-track renovation with tight budget requirements. Likewise, by having the right platforms and processes in place, construction project managers can achieve new levels of organization and performance.

Taking a Tactical ApproachCar_highway_driving

Construction project managers are wise to employ not only the best people on their team but also the best tools for managing both personnel and administrative duties. Project management software is an important tool for tracking everything from up-to-the-minute cost data to change orders, all from one centralized portal. Utilizing a single dashboard instead of disparate systems ensures a quick glance will tell project team leaders exactly what they need to know without shuffling through different data management tools and spreadsheets to find critical information.

According to United Solutions Certified Consultant, Janine Chou, “Accounting departments are benefiting from the real time accounting of changes when using construction project management software. The highly functional change management workflow provides exceptional tracking from the initial RFI straight through to the issuance of approved owner and subcontract change orders.”  


Break Down Data Silos

Too often organizations find that their most important information, gathered from years of experience, lives in different locations without a simple way to access it. Over time, archived information becomes inaccessible due either to being lost or because new database tools are unable to connect with existing systems. That’s why construction project managers need a solution that ensures data repositories are not sealed off from one another, bridging the gap between old and new project information. Strong project management provides for a central repository of project records and makes it possible to track everything from historical cost data to subcontractor performance, ultimately informing better decision making.


Streamline Workflows and Make Success a Reality

Finding new efficiencies and a better way to build a mousetrap have long been hallmarks of successful construction project managers. Whether it yields cost savings or allows a client to move in sooner than expected, expediting key parts of the building process are essential to winning future projects. Likewise, the right project management software will help construction firms improve their company’s performance and move to the next project with ease.

USI’s, Janine Chou also explains, “Project Management software provides the database to track detail changes and prevents the duplication of efforts by closely interfacing with accounting software modules.  Project Managers are benefitting from the timely recording of these changes and the ability to report and track subcontractor change orders vs owner change requests through a linking process, ensuring that additional costs are matched with additional revenues when possible, securing the margins.  It’s a win-win for everyone.”

By empowering employee teams with construction project management software, construction companies of all sizes will be poised to deliver better results, improved customer service, and greater clarity within their day-to-day tasks. And by achieving project management excellence, construction project managers can ensure their clients share in their success.

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