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August 09, 2017

Enhancing Jobsite Communication with New Construction Tech


Jobsites are challenging places to communicate effectively with teams. From the fast-paced nature of building projects on tight schedules to keeping track of different subcontractors and project partners, communication can sometimes take a backseat to meeting deadlines. However, technology has caught up with the jobsite in more ways than one, and new construction software tools and apps are making it easier than ever to balance responsibilities among team members.

There was a time, historically, where the contractor, owner, subs and architect would operate in disparate silos. Unified communications wasn’t even a concept in most professionals’ minds, especially not on a remote jobsite. However, with the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, it’s easier than ever to communicate in real time, all the time.

Better Reporting from the Field

Let’s take a look at some of the key ways construction technology is improving responsiveness among teams and with customers. One of the most impactful developments is technology that enables more robust reporting among teams. It used to be that construction project managers, superintendents and others based in the field had to visit the home office to log work hours, status reports and more.

Now, mobile field applications make transparency a snap by utilizing cloud-based technology to provide instant access to real-time project information. Information gaps are eliminated, as is the lag that often occurred when physically transferring data from the jobsite to the office.

Communicating in Real Time

Often used solely as a buzzword, real-time updating has real-world implications on customer relations! The ability to respond to a customer’s need proactively and rapidly is directly affected by a project team’s ability to log updates and research jobsite status from the palm of their hands. Particularly helpful for team members tasked with managing customer work orders from the field, real time updating allows field crews to handle service requests from the field.

These service management applications enable construction teams to increase the efficiency of their operations with the ability to track critical items in the field including employee assignments, work orders, preventative maintenance, purchase orders, customer equipment, site history, notes, and time worked.

List Management Via Smartphone Apps

One of the biggest ways technology has changed lives for the better is through more effective task management. Apps that make it easy to manage checklists and devices that automatically update when tasks are completed have become vital resources for everyone from stay-at-home moms to jobsite superintendents. This ability to manage lists right from the palm of one’s hand has been adapted for improving the takeoff process.

Manual takeoffs are cumbersome and add time to the process. New construction takeoff software takes a page from the high-tech task management tools consumers use so project teams can automate the time-consuming process of populating estimates. Featuring sophisticated assembly capabilities, extensive Microsoft®Excel integration, and time-saving features like pattern search serve to greatly improve the takeoff process – and cross one more thing off project teams’ lists.

It’s Time for a Demonstration

As projects grow more complex and deadlines become ever tighter, utilizing construction technology tools to stay ahead of the competition is essential. The solutions detailed above are available from USI, so feel free to contact us to walk you through the latest solutions for construction and real estate teams.

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