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November 16, 2017

How Does Mobile Field Software Improve Communication Between the Field and the Office?


Office workers and field professionals in the construction and real estate industry live in very different worlds. They prioritize differently. Their strategic planning, time management, and goals are unique. Field reps are often the front-facing folks of the company, while office heroes are pulling strings or handling fulfillment at the office.

Yet it’s important to remember that, regardless of physical work environment, they’re all part of the same ship heading in the same direction.

Building Collaboration through Mobile Field Software

It’s not easy to foster team collaboration when some pieces of the team have never met or rarely see each other. Add in all the differences mentioned earlier and you’ve got the perfect recipe for miscommunication, missed deadlines, and unfulfilled requests. Or, as some people might call it, failure.

Mobile field software helps to fill these gaps by centering your most important activities into one central platform that everyone can use, regardless of where they are.

For example, Sage Software from United Solutions offers centralization for all the important parts of the construction and real estate industry. Everything from accounting and project management to CRM to emails and estimates can be accessed through one hub. Office employees can leverage these solutions from their desktop, while field workers can log in via mobile device to access the same information.

Once each player can access all the rules, they’re better positioned to share them amongst themselves.

Field Reps Win

People assigned to the same project can send messages, files, and other related data via the software – in real time. This is especially helpful for people working remotely or for leaders who are managing multiple projects at once.

As a result, your field people can make better use of their time without waiting for answers from the office team. You’re more likely to keep projects on budget and on time when you have informed employees.

Office Employees Win, Too

Office employees have the advantage over scattered field workers because they collaborate with other office employees in real time already, no software needed. However, mobile field software helps free up time-consuming tasks created by field workers. When field workers can answer their own questions, track their own work, and enter their own data, your office staff can focus on other activities.

Collaboration Builds Stronger Teams

As an added bonus, better collaboration abilities often lead to better teams and stronger company culture. Data shows that the workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, with over 3 million remote workers and counting.

When you have a large chunk of your workforce working away from a home base, it’s easy to lose the “human interaction” that’s crucial to business success. You’re not able to engage them in the same way as someone who’s present in an office each day. You don’t have the same methods to instill company culture with each team member.

That’s why mobile field software’s benefits go beyond convenience and savings for the construction and real estate industry. It’s an anchor that connects each person to the company, helping to break down individual silos and focus on their contributions to the greater company.

Through collaborative efforts via software, isolated team members have the ability to feel like part of a group, which can help foster better working relationships and familiarity with others.

In Closing

If field workers are from Mars, then office jockeys are from Venus. But that doesn’t mean the two can’t speak the same language, especially when the company’s best interest is at stake. Mobile field software provides the translation everyone needs to create, collaborate, and communicate  – and maybe even have fun doing it.

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