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March 05, 2019

How Does Mobile Software Improve Field Operations

mobilefieldThe construction industry is largely mobile, so shouldn’t your software be, too?

Advancements in mobile software for construction is changing the way organizations do business. People are using apps in their everyday lives because of their simplicity, power, and prevalence, and construction companies would do well to harness some of the same benefits to streamline their own operations.

Given the vast amount of information that workers need in the field, it only makes sense to empower them with mobile solutions that can help them perform better.

What Can Mobile Field Software Do in Construction?

It’s no surprise that mobile apps are edging their way into the construction sector. But exactly what benefits do they offer and how can they improve day-to-day operations?

Take a look at a few of the most common benefits:


Labor costs can make or break a project.  Workers can now punch in and out of work right from their mobile devices, even using cost codes or pay types.  Mobile software allows workers to capture their time digitally and submit it without fear of losing their paperwork, helping them to get paid on time, every time.  Supervisors can review time and approvals for individuals or a whole crew, even equipment usage. Payroll can now be timely and done more efficiently. 


Mobile apps can now give employees access to real-time project information anytime, anywhere from web-enabled tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices.  Change orders and other crucial communications can all be found within the app to allow for better communication between the office and the field.  Data, such as daily field reports, RFI’s and RFP’s can be submitted directly from the field and projects can keep on time and budget with increased efficiency and no redundancy from the back office.  Mobile apps allow for better decision making when all the information needed is at your fingertips and in real-time.

Data Capture & Reporting

Field reports are not beneficial if they aren’t completed and submitted each day.  Now, it’s easy to capture weather conditions, workers on site, production units in place, and other key details. Review processes can be setup and signatures for approval if needed. 

Photo Capture

Photos can provide an important visual job history.  Photos can be attached to reports to detail construction issues that may be impacting your project.  Your company will always be on the same page regarding the project’s status when photos are added to reports, to be seen by the project team.


How to Choose the Right Mobile App

Getting all of the above benefits (and more) in a mobile app isn’t guaranteed. Though most mobile field apps for construction companies offer similar advantages, you’ll still need to do your homework when choosing the best one for your enterprise.

Every company’s needs are unique. Think about which features are most important to your company when determining productivity and efficiency before deciding which app to choose.

How to Take the Job Site Mobile with Sage Field Operations

The many time- and money-saving benefits of using field software in construction are hard to ignore. It not only makes the lives of your workers easier, but also streamlines your entire operations to satisfy your clients, too.

See Sage Field Operations for Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE in action today by scheduling a free demo and start tapping into the benefits of mobile construction software.


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