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March 01, 2018

How does Sage Paperless integrate with Sage 100 Contractor for Accounts Payable entry and approval and why is it more efficient than manual entry?

Sage 100 Contractor is a full-figured project management suite for the modern contractor. image.jpgSupercharge it by integrating Sage Paperless and make entry and approval for your accounts payable department easier than ever.

The Best Project Management Software Needs the Best Paperless Office Integration

Sage 100 Contractor has long been thought of as the ideal project management software suite for construction management. Businesses have been using Sage 100 Contractor to win more bids and finish more jobs on time and under budget thanks to its full collection of project tools.

Yet despite Sage 100 Contractor’s benefits, it’s still difficult to run a business when it comes to incomes and outgoings. Accounts payable is a thorn in the side of many a company, especially thanks to the volumes of paperwork generated by invoices and purchase orders. That’s where Sage Paperless comes in – a digital approach to paperwork can take an already successful contracting business and help it reach heights never before imagined.

What Sage Paperless Can Do for Your Construction Company

Integrating Sage Paperless into Sage 100 Contractor supercharges your company’s ability to handle the kinds of office tasks that are crucial to its success. Accounts payable personnel have their hands full keeping invoices sent out for approval organized even under the best of office conditions, but busy job sites make this task even more difficult. Even emailed bills can end up disappearing under a constant flow of submittals, meeting minutes, and all the other daily project management correspondence that floods your inbox. Over time, these productivity losses from hunting down invoices can have a major impact on your business.

Sage Paperless resolves these productivity problems that arise from trying to organize paper invoices. Integrating Sage Paperless Construction into an existing accounting and project management system like Sage 100 Contractor only offers routes to electronically capture invoices on receipt, it also allows you to set up customized routing rules that can provide for a much more efficient invoice approval process. Invoices can be electronically tracked as they pass from one person to another, making it easy to see at a glance who’s sitting on what and for project managers to tell, at a glance, which invoices need approval on any given day.

The Many Benefits of the Paperless Office

The traditionally paper-intensive construction process means that going paperless has benefits that extend well beyond invoice management. Whether its AIA payment documentation, lien waivers, or any other construction document, Sage Paperless allows you to store, retrieve, and route these documents electronically, “digitally staple” support documents like subcontracts, delivery tickets, or change orders to invoices, and maintain revision histories for each of these documents.

Paperless offices also get to reap indirect rewards from switching to electronic-based document solutions. In addition to saving time and effort from having to hunt down paper files that have gone rogue, reducing paperwork likewise reduces administrative overhead, encourages positive subcontractor relationships through timely invoice payments.

In Closing

A paperless office is an efficient and productive one – and it’s well within your grasp. If you’re interested in learning more about how Sage Paperless can be integrated with your existing Sage 100 Contractor project management software, contact us to learn more.

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