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March 15, 2018

How Does Sage Paperless Integrate with Sage 300 CRE for Accounts Payable Entry and Approval and Why Is It More Efficient Than Manual Entry?

Sage 300 CRE is one of the most powerful project management tools out there. Make it even more powerful by integrating it with Sage Paperless!


Sage Paperless With Sage 300 CRE – Practically Perfect, In Every Way

You know the importance of staying organized through project management. That’s why you chose Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate as the ideal software platform for you – its versatility, and its powerful suite of applications provide exacting control over every aspect of your business.

In fact, Sage 300 CRE is a great accounting package. The only thing that would make it better would be the ability to streamline entry and approval for accounts payable purposes by integrating paperless data capture. Lucky for you,  Sage 300 CRE can now be integrated with Sage Paperless Construction, the newest productivity application from United Solutions.

Why Going Paperless is an Advantage

Accounts payable clerks have an exacting job – ensuring that invoices sent out for approval are kept organized. Paper invoices are a disadvantage when it comes to busy offices and job sites – even bills sent through email can get lost in the constant stream of job correspondence like meeting minutes, submittals, and other project management details. Tracking down even one misplaced invoice can take a number of emails and phone calls; multiplying that by a year’s worth of invoices, and it’s soon obvious that you’re spending lots of time just trying to track down invoices instead of actually accomplishing productive work.

This is why a paperless system like Sage Paperless is an answer. Integrating Sage Paperless into Sage 300 CRE means that these productivity losses are minimized, as important documents are captured and scanned at point of receipt. Invoices and support documents are indexed and stored either automatically or through a manually-selected process, making it impossible for them to become lost or misplaced, or for the data they contain to be misinterpreted or entered incorrectly.

The Benefits Don’t Stop There

No one is going to argue the direct benefits of Sage Paperless integration for companies already managing their accounts payable with Sage 300 CRE. The reduction of human error by eliminating manual data entry is revolutionary, to say the least. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the beneficial effects of integrating Sage Paperless into your own accounts payable system.

Sage Paperless provides centralized, electronic storage for the most vital types of information for your company. Whether it’s general business information or that related to specific projects, this data is stored securely in one location. This helps to improve productivity, as your workers can access project or company-related documents much more easily.

The efficiency benefits don’t stop there, though – switching to an electronic-based solution for document storage and workflow reduces paperwork and administrative overhead. Additionally, the automated document distribution Sage Paperless provides makes for a truly efficient invoice approval process. Timely invoice payment, thanks to better documentation, can influence subcontractor relationships in a positive manner.

In Closing

It should be more than obvious how a software solution like Sage Paperless, when combined with Sage 300 CRE, can transform your company’s data entry needs. To learn more about how to integrate Sage Paperless into your existing project management software, contact us today.

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