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September 10, 2017

How Drone Technology is Changing the Jobsite


In the rush to deploy the latest technology, companies across nearly every industry can frequently embark on ambitious investments in software and mobile devices. However, these investments do not always yield fruit, which can make some organizations hesitant to spend more money on untested solutions.

Every once in a while, however, a new construction technology platform emerges that leaves no doubt in a user’s mind that it will solve problems, increase efficiency and make them more money. This latest trend involves the use of drones, a remote control flying apparatus that presents construction teams with new capabilities and a possible answer to resolving problems like cost overruns that can hamper project performance.

So, how does a remote controlled flying device tackle some of the biggest challenges facing an industry? Let’s take a look at some novel ways drones can improve jobsite operations:

  • Real-time jobsite reports: from photographing material inventories to surveying jobsites, drones can replace costly and time-consuming methods of measuring stockpiles and site mapping on foot with highly-detailed and more accurate aerial reports. Construction project management software already integrates inventory data, making drone mapping a natural fit.

  • Seamless modeling integration: The industry is increasingly relying on construction software tools like 3-D modeling, a method that is enhanced with drone-derived images. As the two technologies converge, drones may become integral to cutting-edge design solutions.

  • Enhanced data sharing: New construction technology is focused on sharing vital project data in real-time, like mobile field applications that keep teams connected between the home office and jobsite. Drone data could be utilized in a similar fashion, enabling the expeditious exchange of info from one jobsite to another.

What once seemed like an impossible technology is now quite common – so common, miniature drones are sold as child-friendly toys! When taken as a serious answer to a wide range of jobsite challenges, the use of drones in construction makes a compelling argument for taking to the skies to improve operations on the ground.

To analyze how to improve your jobsite performance through construction technology software and applications, contact United Solutions Inc. for an evaluation and demonstration today.

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