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July 20, 2018

How Sage 300 CRE Cash Management Can Help You Run a Better Business

Running a successful construction and real estate company takes more than finding clients and cashproviding services. Without the proper cash management practices and tools, your business is as good as broke.

Sage 300 CRE Cash Management was designed specifically for the construction and real estate field to solve common problems without further complicating them. Take a look at how Cash Management is a second set of office hands that works around the clock:

What is Cash Management?

From payroll to purchases, job costs and banking, money drives your business. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to your business’s finances, and knowing where your money is at all times can help you budget better, save money, and remain profitable.

It’s easier said than done, however. Busy construction and real estate businesses know that even a single client can create a complex network of transactions, job costing, project estimates, payroll payments, and other payouts. Adding in bank ledgers and transactions for multiple clients only complicate things.

As a result, your cash management can easily become a full-time job – for many employees! Even with online banking, managing accounts can be a largely hands-on job that requires critical attention to detail, constant data logging, comparing documents and records, and chasing individuals with questions when numbers don’t balance.

The Benefits of Better Cash Management

Too often, construction and real estate companies find themselves battling with a cash management process that’s inefficient, fragmented, and lacking a cohesive format. It’s easy to see why: the industry moves quickly, and inefficient or complicated processes can bring business to a grinding halt. In many cases, businesses are forced to do whatever is easiest at the time, rather than taking time to change processes and create a systematic approach to money management.

It’s an unfortunate reality, which is why Sage 300 CRE is determined to make it easy to improve the way you work. This cash management platform was designed specifically for the common needs of construction and real estate companies, targeting their unique pain points of cash flow and streamlining a solution you’ll actually want to use.

Here’s what you can expect:

Faster Bank Reconciliation

  • Instant updates on bank account balance reconciliations so you can track your progress at every step
  • Mark one or more transactions as “reconciled” with a single click

Simplified Cash Management

  • Track all checks and deposits in a single location
  • Track the status of every transaction
  • Enter and organize deposits, withdrawals, interest, and other charges
  • Know where your money is at all times

Detailed Cash Reports

  • Choose from pre-set datasets or create custom cash reports
  • Create and save new report templates for future use

Central Data Storage

  • Find important information quickly with a simple search
  • Filter data to zero in on only what you want to see
  • Add notes, docs, and other data to entries

Streamlined Setup

  • Short learning curve so you can start using your software faster
  • Easy Setup Wizard guides you through the process step by step
  • Intuitive workflows save you time every day

What Can Sage 300 CRE Cash Management Do for Your Business?

Time is money – save some of both with Sage 300 CRE Cash Management solutions. Contact us today to schedule a free demo so you can see Sage 300 CRE in action.

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