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November 13, 2019

How to Aid Your Employees’ Estimating Process to Increase Profits

estimateIf you’re not winning more new projects or you’re losing money and profit margins have dropped below target, it’s time to breathe new life into your estimating process.

Creating pre-construction estimates manually can’t win bids anymore in today’s super-competitive business environment. There are way too many issues construction companies must grapple with including the need to prepare fast and accurate bids to win new contracts.

Your team needs new tools to create bids that are error-free from the onset. To create successful bids that increase profits, you must avoid presenting bids that are filled with spreadsheet errors.

How to Fine Tune Your Estimating Process to Win More Bids

It’s time for your estimators to start automating estimation processes. They must have ways to track, manage and monitor centralized estimates, deliver quick and accurate takeoffs, create reports on-the-go and monitor the actual and estimated costs of all contracts. Also, information must be accessible round the clock from any Internet-enabled mobile device. Now there’s a well-designed solution that offers all these and many more.

Sage Estimating is a user-friendly, cloud-based construction estimating solution that enables companies like yours to make fast, error-free and competitive bids for all construction projects. Your data will be available at any time of the day from any Internet-enabled mobile device. This will make it easy for your team to work from any location and collaborate efficiently on all estimation jobs.

With the superior bidding process and workflow you’ll achieve with Sage Estimating, your team can produce new estimates, do electronic blueprint takeoffs, place project drawings in storage and complete the bid-day process with a single integrated solution.

Takeoffs Can Be Completed Faster and Better

Material takeoffs are detailed and time-consuming, especially when they’re done manually. Using paper blueprints to calculate the cost of materials, labor and equipment can be tedious and filled with many mistakes. If your estimating process is slowed down often because of takeoffs, it’s time to make a change.

When your team uses Sage Estimating, you can:

  • Create faster and more accurate takeoffs
  • Do all your work in digital formats with cloud-based software
  • Use digital takeoffs to speed up the completion time by 50%
  • Get a markup summary when you estimate overhead costs
  • Determine cost estimates from takeoff drawings and manage the entire bidding process from a single platform

Don’t Lose Bids Again Due to Spreadsheet Errors

Miscalculations are common in cost estimates made with spreadsheets. This can result in lost bids and lost money.

When it comes to delivering accurate cost estimates, spreadsheets simply don’t cut it. You can’t rely on them because a single typing error can cause a recalculation that throws off the entire job. So many big contractors have incurred huge losses due to a mistyped minus or plus sign in a spreadsheet cell.

What this means is that a single mistake or error can make the difference between a successful bid or a lost one. So, give up on manual spreadsheet estimation and let your business be empowered by Sage Estimating.

Here are some of the ways that Sage Estimating can enhance cost estimating for you:

  • Reduce or eliminate human errors caused by using spreadsheets
  • Create fast, easy and accurate estimates
  • Keep all the data for your projects in one database, so you don’t lose any vital information
  • Provide a single-page summary of all project bids
  • Help you create more quotes and project proposals
  • Win bids consistently for your company
  • Reduce the time, effort and money used to create bids

Enjoy the Benefits of Efficient Data Integration

Without using an efficient solution like Sage Estimating, your team will encounter a lot of frustration while trying to locate the data required to estimate a project. Different parts of the data may be on employees’ computers or on disparate platforms and devices. So, it takes a long time to track and pull them together.

However, when you use Sage Estimating, it stores all the data you need in a central data store. Its database can hold tens of thousands of data fields and billions of records. It can provide customized views and query results for all the important data and documents you store in it.

This means you’ll be able to locate anything you want within a few clicks. You won’t have to keep sending messages to staff in different locations each time you need to get up-to-date information.

Transform Workflows for Better Productivity

When you don’t have a well-defined workflow in your team, you won’t be able to measure its effectiveness. You won’t be able to track the performance of your employees and measure their productivity. Even when all you want is to know that a job has been done and the person that completed it, you find it hard to get this basic information on a daily basis.

With Sage Estimating, you’ll easily track and boost the efficiency of process workflows. You’ll enhance collaboration and remove bottlenecks that hinder your employees from getting work done. This makes your entire workflow more visible and you can ensure that the right people are assigned to each task for every project.

Put Your Reporting in Top Gear

Many periodic and ad-hoc reports need to be created from your project data. Some have to do with accounting, regulatory requirements, on-site conditions and legal issues.

Sage Estimating enables you to get your reporting on track. You can create snapshots to view and analyze cost estimates in different formats. You can use the pre-built reports or create new ones from scratch and save them for future use. You can also send or distribute reports to vendors or suppliers as part of purchase orders.

Let Sage Estimating Help You Win More Bids

Regardless of the challenges and problems you may have encountered during the estimating process, Sage Estimating can help you create error-free cost estimates and digital takeoffs.

Discover the winning edge for your construction business, request a free Sage Estimating demo or product tour today.



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