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July 09, 2019

How to Create Accurate Construction Estimates

estimatesThe most effective way to make your next construction project succeed is to cut out any loopholes for error. But how can you do that if, like many large companies, you still use out-of-date estimating spreadsheets or some poorly designed software that limits productivity?

You don’t have to keep using these inefficient solutions when there are cloud-based digital solutions that can eliminate errors, speed up the estimation process and help increase your profits.

The Downsides of Using Spreadsheets for Construction Estimating

Spreadsheets are commonly used in the pre-construction process, although this is a major reason for inaccurate estimates. It’s unfortunate that many commercial construction companies would rather keep using a flawed process than look for ways to improve their processes, save costs and make their business more competitive.

Whether you’re using an Excel spreadsheet or a free online calculator, these tools may not give you all the data you need to create an accurate bid for a new project. A free online estimating tool cannot handle a project that requires complicated project data. Consequently, calculation errors can lead to many setbacks and can make a company lose a bid from the beginning.

Here are some of the problems that can occur when you use spreadsheets.

  • Delays: The slightest error will lead to delays during the pre-construction process. This is commonly caused by inaccurate spreadsheet calculations.
  • Poor Customer Reviews: If you provide estimates with errors, it’ll damage your company’s reputation. It’ll lead to poor customer reviews, which must be avoided.
  • Failed Inspections: If a construction estimate isn’t thorough, builders can end up having failed inspections or may need to do needless repairs.

What Is the Best Solution for Construction Estimating

The construction industry is blessed with new advances in technology that enable companies to send accurate bids, save time and money and increase their profitability.

At this time when construction budgets are being constrained, it is pertinent for stakeholders in the construction industry to eliminate inefficiency and raise productivity levels.

Contractors are adopting lean management principles coupled with automation to raise productivity in the industry. This demand for an effective and efficient solution in construction estimating has produced tech platforms like Sage Estimating Core software.

Sage Estimating software has given many construction companies the ability to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their estimating process. This cloud-based software makes it easy to create takeoffs from digital blueprints and it provides instant access to estimates. It also helps you sort and organize your estimates in different ways to enhance information access.

With Sage Estimating you can easily calculate the most profitable rates during the estimation process. There’s absolutely no need for guesswork anymore. This tool also helps you carry out quality assurance during your project estimates without going through a tedious manual process. You don’t have to call your entire team together to be sure that you have an accurate bid.

If you want to know more about how you can eliminate all your estimation errors and provide competitive, error-free bids, reach out to us and schedule a one-on-one software walk through today.

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