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March 07, 2017

How to Use the Import Job cost Estimate Feature in Sage 300 CRE

If you enter your job budgets/estimates using the Enter Estimates grid located in either PJ Contract Control or JC Tasks, you have probably experienced the required entry of tipsTricks.gifa penny or more in the Amount column in order to create a place holder and continue with your input.  In other words, the Amount column does not accept $.00 as an entry.

This situation occurs frequently in the construction business, primarily for projects that are units-of-production based at an approved unit cost, and you have no idea how many units of “stuff” you will encounter during the life of the project.  You know which cost codes (and categories) you want your actual costs to be charged to, but you do not know (nor do you need to know if it is a “T&M” job) what the estimated cost will be to perform the task.  Either way, you do want to set up the cost code in JC before the first day of labor so as not to slow down the Payroll Department from doing their thing.

Recently, I created an EXCEL spreadsheet template that is compatible with Sage 300 CRE to expedite the JC estimate setup process.  During a recent import routine, I noticed that a Project Manager had forgotten to prefill his spreadsheet with pennies for those codes for which he had no budget.  But much to my surprise and glee, the import was successful, no reject file was created, and the cost codes without budgets properly appear where they are supposed to and are recognized as valid codes throughout all interfaced modules, including PR, JC, AP, and EQ.

So consider using the import job cost estimate feature in JC to set up your budgets.  Besides being a faster process, it is more accurate because you do not have to deal with those meaningless pennies.

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