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July 30, 2014

Integrated CRM Systems Provide the Power for Information Use

It is very rewarding to see that the construction industry is becoming aware of the value of an integrated CRM /ERP system. United Solutions has been working with contractors for many years discussing the power of having one centralized, web available contact database that leverages the information from your back office ERP system.

According to General Stanley McChrystal, former head of US Armed Forces in Afghanistan during a TED Conference earlier this year,  “Information is only of value if you give it to someone who has the ability to do something with it”.  Leveraging information from your ERP solution via CRM enables your team to be the best they can be.handshake_300x200

In the July/August edition of CFMA Building Profits, Diane Haines (Senior Director, Product Marketing at Sage), discusses the importance of communication in business relationships and how a strong CRM system can help.  She writes, "As many businesses know, it's a lot less expensive to earn business from past or existing clients than it is to acquire new ones.  so focus on building relationships and delivering on the jobs.  A CRM system can help you acquire new business and deliver on that virtual handshake."

Read the complete article, "How Technology Can Help Build Profitable Business Relationships" here.

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