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April 13, 2016

It's About Time for AboutTime


Construction project teams have a lot on their minds. If it’s not the project itself, it’s the budget or subcontractor relations. Perhaps they’re tasked with building the new business pipeline in addition to managing ongoing work, or maybe they’re pursuing additional safety training after hours. The point is this: reducing administrative burdens can provide tremendous relief to project teams, and new technology designed to streamline time entry is one way to do so.

That’s why USI is pleased to announce the availability of AboutTime, a scalable time and attendance system for both Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate users that makes it possible to accurately manage remote labor costs, field production and true job costs. Best of all, it is device agnostic – in other words, whatever mobile device your organization has deployed, AboutTime can be easily integrated to make daily time entry a snap.

AboutTime will transform the levels of visibility project teams and in-office staff have into projects. Real-time updating means time data is transferred from the field to the home office instantly and proprietary technology allows multiple devices to send data at the same time. Built-in forms make it easy to keep track of required information and increase the accuracy of the data collected – an important consideration for protecting businesses from false claims.

The ability to see the project in both a broad view and be able to drill down to specific details is what allows AboutTime end users to achieve significant ROI following deployment. By being able to better track project performance, construction teams can proactively identify areas where the project is losing money or not meeting schedule goals, a capability often stunted when using more manual, paper-based forms of time collection. Field data analytics reports and visual dashboards provide a turnkey approach to digesting and analyzing labor reports and field performance, and this easy-to-use platform ensures rapid adoption by field and office teams.

The On-Demand documentation capabilities AboutTime  offers are also significant. From capturing weather and accidents to monitoring job progress and employee attendance, this cloud-based project management tool will help construction managers and general contractors better control risks and become more strategic in managing their workforce by seamlessly transitioning to a proactive – instead of reactive – approach.

For more information on how AboutTime can help your company gain critical insights into labor costs and performance in real time, contact USI today for more information or to schedule a project demo.


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