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September 15, 2016

Maximizing – and Preserving – your Construction Software Investment


In many ways, the easiest aspect of purchasing construction project management software is the actual signing of the check and handing over of funds. The decision-making, the evaluations, the product reviews and multiple demos when considering a potential software investment can be downright tiresome. However, just being content to have the software selection process complete can lead to shortsightedness in terms of what contractors and real estate firms need the most in their technology investment.

In other words, those companies that frequently evaluate their project management software for its usefulness across their organization are in a better position to decide whether to invest in new solutions or build on to what they already have. To this end, United Solutions Group offers a unique service called SURE, or Software Utilization Review, that proactively helps its clients make smart decisions about construction technology investments.

The SURE program focuses on helping companies either maximize their use of an upgraded product or simply explore what upgrade options are available. In either scenario, the hectic pace most construction project managers maintain can make it difficult to prioritize software upgrades, which is why USI is ready to step in and make the appropriate recommendations for either upgrading existing project management software or investing in a completely new product.

USI will use the SURE process to review client workflows, reporting and application control settings, and conduct interviews with key staff members to identify immediate and long-term opportunities to use Sage products as intended. Soon after, USI’s team of construction software consultants will offer their expert opinions on what’s next for a given company’s technology program

Other technology initiatives evaluated as part of SUREinclude:

  • Review of workstations and servers for maximizing the performance of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate
  • Review backup procedures and test to confirm accuracy and completeness
  • Review Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate security set up
  • Interview key personnel by functional group to identify areas of improvement

At USI, we understand investing in new construction project management software can be a big decision, but we also recognize the need to preserve and grow that investment as time goes on. To have our consultant team conduct a SURE evaluation, contact us today for more information.


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