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February 02, 2017

New Business Drivers Push Tech Adoption


The construction field has sometimes trailed other industries as it relates to technology adoption. However, recent surveys have shown that increased competition for new work and fewer manpower resources have driven some significant transformations among construction industry professionals who now place a higher priority on tech investments.

While the construction industry still spends less on IT than other sectors, 2017 looks to bring about increased spending compared to years past. Those allotments will focus on the use of technology that helps circumvent the gap left by not having enough hands on deck, such as the rapidly escalating use of cloud-based mobile project management applications. Contractors have embraced cloud technology for the ease with which they can access information from anywhere, even if they are miles away from the home office.

Cloud-based construction technology applications also play a role in fostering increased use of project collaboration tools. Online project collaboration software is becoming a must-have in a contractor’s technology toolkit, both because clients expect it and because it helps project teams overcome distance and differing schedules to keep jobs running smoothly. With web-based project management collaboration applications, contractors are finding it possible to reduce errors and improve overall project efficiency.

And while traditional software investments like accounting and estimating tools are still relied upon heavily to win new work, contractors are also turning to social media and client relationship management (CRM) software in order to support marketing campaigns designed to buoy business development efforts. If you had told some construction companies ten years ago that they would come to invest in a Twitter and Facebook page, they may have laughed you out of the room!

Thankfully, another uptick is seen in contractors’ increased vigilance in regards to the threat of data theft and other digital malfeasance from hackers and cyber criminals. A 2017 survey revealed that more companies are placing an emphasis on having an IT security plan in place, which should be the cornerstone of any construction software investment.

Are you planning to ramp up your construction technology investments in 2017? Contact USI today for a product demonstration and learn how our team can help yours meet its project management goals in the year ahead.

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