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March 26, 2020

Seamlessly Migrating to a Remote Work Environment


There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we work – but it should not stop us from getting work done. In fact, the local and national economies depend on our ability to stay productive even if our physical working environment has changed. While acknowledging that many businesses and families are dealing with challenges outside of their control, it is important to highlight the ways employers can keep their businesses moving forward by accessing work-critical tools via the Cloud (hosting environment) and virtual private networks (VPN).

For years, United Solutions has been helping contractors of every size drive greater connectedness between the office and the job site, while reducing the need for field teams to travel to the physical office environment to upload daily reports or access data from accounting and purchasing teams.

Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, and Sage Estimating are all capable of connecting your teams in real time via cloud hosting or VPN. While teams may be pivoting remote working environments, it’s more important than ever to consider these options.

Sage Solutions are Built for Remote Access

When transitioning teams to a remote environment, concerns may materialize over myriad factors: will my teams still be productive? How can different departments stay connected? Will our project partners benefit from our remote working capabilities? Will files remain secure, even in the absence of working from the central office? The answer to all of those is a resounding yes.

A hosted environment can be a cost-effective solution where customers ‘rent’ a shared infrastructure in a data center, while still ‘owning’ the software to run the business. Customers maintain the benefits of software applications, minus the burden of installing, configuring, running, and updating.  Also, back-ups of your software programs and data will also be handled by the hosting company. Shared infrastructure means you pay for only what you use, with the flexibility to scale up or down at any time. 

If you are interested in having Sage in a “hosted environment”, please feel free to contact George Kirshe, Client Enrichment Director, at george.kirshe@u-s-i.com or 508-460-0045, ext. 1396.

A VPN allows the user to connect to their company’s network remotely. Here are Sage’s recommendations for connecting remotely through a VPN:  Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage 100 Construction.

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