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August 18, 2015

How to Stay Ahead of the Competition with Sage 100 Contractor Intelligence Reporting

sage100reportingConstruction management companies and general contractors may think simply investing in a workflow management platform is enough to stay head of their competition. At one time, it was. Sophistication and investment in technology was low, but then companies woke up to a new reality where innovative approaches were needed to best serve clients. Now, the next evolution is here with the debut of Sage 100 Contractor Intelligence Reporting, the latest tool that automates key processes to enhance efficiency and make informed business decisions.

Intelligence Reporting is a Microsoft Excel-based Business Intelligence reporting tool that automates reporting processes while reducing a company’s dependency on spreadsheets. Even better, it is accessible as a module when part of the Sage 100 Contractor package, negating any need for new relationships or extensive IT investments to implement it. In addition to these cost-of-ownership benefits, Intelligence Reporting also enables the following:

  • Use your existing Microsoft Excel knowledge to easily view, edit and create reports, increasing visibility across your entire business;
  • Design customized reports that suit your business’ unique needs;
  • Devote more time to analyzing and understanding your information instead of spending resources and manpower to manually pull the same information together.

With 16 ready-to-use reports pre-loaded into Intelligence Reporting, it’s possible to access a familiar template design thanks to its deployment within the Microsoft Excel environment. In addition, flexible drill-down capabilities make it easy to better understand source data on a user-by-user basis. Distributing reports has never been simpler, thanks to the tool’s ability to schedule reports for emailing or generate them into a shared location for team members to access (FTP), negating the need to physically be in the office to send or share reports.

Above all else, Intelligence Reporting helps contractors spend more time ensuring that jobs are profitable and moving forward on-schedule. And for a limited time, Sage is offering free trials of Sage 100 Contractor Intelligence Reporting for 30 days. For more information on a free trial, please contact george.kirshe@u-s-i.com.

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