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July 12, 2018

Sage 300 CRE Quick Check Request

How often have your work colleagues barged into your office with the “I need a check now” tipstricks-3request?  In the past, your options to this “emergency” would be:

  • Grab that old “One-Write” checkbook, fill out the check by hand, and then remember to process this request AGAIN inside your Sage 300 CRE software by entering an invoice for the expense, selecting it for payment, and printing a check (to file) using the One-Write check number.
  • Write the manual check as noted above and then enter the disbursement again inside your Sage 300 CRE using the “Record Manual Checks” task.

There is a better option now, which eliminates the preparation of a manual check and its duplicative processing.  It’s called “Print Quick Checks” and is located in AP>Tasks.

  1. Select Quick check in the Payment type

12.Enter the check information in the first row.

23. Enter the invoice information in the top grid.

34. Enter the invoice's distribution information in the bottom grid.

45. Click [Accept dist]. Click [Accept invoice].

56.Load your check into your printer and click [Print check] when finished.

5-17. Click [Finish] when done entering all checks.

78. Print and review the entry journal.

8So save time and effort the next time you need to prepare a quick disbursement, and use PRINT QUICK CHECKS.

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