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April 11, 2017

SAGE ANNOUNCES… Navisworks Integrator!


Available NOW!

Navisworks Integrator is an add-on for eTakeoff Bridge that enables Estimators to provide seamless integration between Autodesk Navisworks and Sage Estimating.

This means that Estimators can now use the familiar ‘drag & drop’ functionality provided by eTakeoff Bridge to automate the transfer of quantities and measurements from Navisworks 3D Models directly into Sage estimates!

Navisworks Integrator allows estimators to:

  • Speed up Takeoff from Models: Simply drag & drop Navisworks objects onto applicable Sage Estimating Items and Assemblies in eTakeoff Bridge.

  • Easily Map Objects into your Sage Estimating Structure: Quickly map Object Attributes from Navisworks to variables in your Sage Estimating Items and Assemblies. And, eTakeoff remembers the mapping created. This will increase the speed of takeoff significantly by automatically finding mapped objects, generating quantities, and sending them to the estimate.

  • Calculate Quantities with a Click of the Button: Item quantities are generated and seamlessly sent to build your estimate in Sage Estimating.

  • Drill Down: You can always “drill” back to the originating takeoff object from within Sage Estimating. Bridge will identify the source as 2D or BIM and display the takeoff object that originated the estimate quantity.

  • Compare Models: Bridge will automatically compare Model revisions with the existing model and can automatically detect all changes to the model and revise the estimate accordingly.

  • Perform BIM +2D Takeoff: Switch instantly between eTakeoff Dimension 2D takeoff and Navisworks 3D takeoff while feeding the same Sage Estimate.

  • Leverage One Interface: Estimators can be trained more quickly since they only need to learn one common integration interface for both 2D and 3D takeoff… eTakeoff Bridge!

  • View Audit Trail: The Sage Audit Trail will display a timeline of all takeoff changes as the project progresses.

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