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December 15, 2017

Sage Mobile Projects Software Improves Mobile Field Communication


Foremen, construction workers, office personnel, and managers will agree there’s one driver behind every successful project: communication.

Construction projects are never solely completed in the field. It takes a dedicated team both inside the office and on the job site to ensure your projects stay on budget and on schedule. Good communication helps solidify both.

In today’s world of fierce competition, slim budgets, and increasing expenses, many construction companies are turning to mobile projects software to trim communication issues for good.

Breaking Silos for Unified Teamwork

Construction projects often find themselves rooted in silos, where departmental walls prevent fluid communication. When problems arise, it’s too easy to toss them into someone else’s silo and hope for the best.  Issues are passed around until someone takes ownership. Follow up occurs at a snail’s pace. Details and data are exchanged multiple times until clarity is gained, which prolongs any chance of resolution.

Sage Mobile Projects' software defeats the detrimental silo effects by creating a unified communications platform, regardless of department or role.

By facilitating collaboration, you demonstrate how siloed teams are actually part of the same project. Each person knows how they contribute to the big picture and have more insight into how their efforts are making a difference.

For example, mobile projects software allows users to access project details at any time. Because it’s cloud-based, you won’t need to worry about being on-site to access information you need in the field, nor will you have to involve your office team for answers. Instead, you can pull your own data whenever you need it, whether you’re on site, at lunch, or in front of a client.

As an added benefit, you can save your back office staff hours of data entry and other tasks by logging your own data as you go. Backlogging data can easily result in clerical errors, which can set your project off-course. This way, every person on the team can leverage their time as efficiently as possible to help you keep your projects on schedule and on budget.

Cutting Costs Without Sacrificing Service

Your workers are responsible for moving each project along the pipeline, but when budget issues arise workers’ hours are among the first expense to trim. As one of the largest line items of a construction project, cutting payroll costs isn’t as effective as salvaging a budget as you might think.

For starters, having fewer manhours dedicated to a project might incur delays. Also, it could mean you have fewer resources available to serve your clients.

When you prioritize efficiency, other costs tend to reduce themselves as a result. You are less likely to compromise your service and quality when you can trim overhead expenses that don’t affect the project’s end result.

In Closing

As a construction company, your reputation is key in helping you win more bids and build relationships within your service area. Improving your internal communication skills can be a positive step in not only helping you present the right image, but also uphold that image.

For more information on how Sage Mobile Projects' software can save you from project failure, contact us today for a software demo.

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