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July 12, 2018

Setting Permissions in Sage 100 Contractor

New to Sage 100 Contractor? Have a new hire? Need to adjust what someone sees or shouldn’t see?  No worries, follow the steps below:tipstricks-3

Step 1: Log into Sage 100 Contractor with Administrative Rights.

Step 2: Go into 7-2-1and check the groups already created or add a new one if needed.

Step 3: Go to 7-2-2 and add the user’s name and password.

Note: You can also change the group or add them to another group.

Step 4: Go to each module and highlight it, then click on your F7 key. 

  • Check off anyone who should have access to that module.
    • If everyone you’ve checked can use all parts of that module stop there. If not, go to the next step by highlighting the first part.
      For example: Highlight 1 – General Ledger. Check off the groups who should have access to that area.  If all are ok for all parts, click save then you’re done. 
    • If you want certain groups to have access to only 1-1, then highlight it and check off only the groups for 1-1. Keep doing this for each section and module.

Once you have finished, we recommend logging in as that user and testing what that use can or cannot access.

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