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February 27, 2015

Surfing Safer: Deploying a VPN

How safe is your surfing?

As the modern workforce changes from one that used to be stationed at a single physical location to a mobile environment where productivity can happen anywhere, businesses need to evaluate security solutions that fit this new reality. With many companies allowing workers to commute via their desktop and work remotely, it’s important to take into consideration one of the most important components of a secure virtual environment: the VPN, or the Virtual Private Network.

Now, you may ask this question: Will a VPN work for my needs?

Here are 5 reasons why a VPN may be right for you.safesurfing5inch

Reason #1:
Data is encrypted and safe

Most importantly, a VPN provides a secure internet connection to ensure that no matter where you’re working from, the data you’re sending and receiving is encrypted and safe. Data security is particularly important when handling sensitive corporate documents while accessing public WiFi, such as at a coffee shop or the airport.

Reason #2: Provides an Extra Safety Barrier

I often work at home on a private network. Why do I need a VPN?

While VPNs are most critical when working over public Wi-Fi, using a secure network connection on private networks is an easy and affordable way to enhance your Internet security. There’s no telling when or how a hacker will attack, and a VPN can provide that extra barrier to ensure company data stays safe.

Reason #3: Easy to Setup

It is very straightforward to set up your own VPN. The type of VPN you choose depends on the whether you need secure Internet access for a single computer, or want to safely network multiple computers together. The former can be addressed with the VPN service built into Windows; the latter requires choosing a VPN provider to install stand-alone software.

Reason #4: Added Benefits

Besides added security,
VPNs make it possible access your files on remote servers at your office from anywhere, and can likewise set it up to retrieve files stored on your personal device at home. Either way, when you’re on the road, you can access critical work files from anytime, anywhere – and always with the enhanced security a VPN provides.

Reason #5: Affordable

VPNs are generally very affordable to download. There are also a handful of free VPNs available for downloads, but at most anticipate spending $5-$10 per month if a fee-based VPN service is the one for you. Popular solutions include Hamachi, Private Internet Access and Astrill. Some of the most popular free VPNS are Shrew Soft, Comodo Unite and the free/basic version of Hamachi.

So, as the threat of hackers anxious to steal corporate data continues to grow, implementing a VPN solution can not only reduce the potential for data theft, but can also create a more productive workforce that can work securely wherever there is an Internet connection.

We at United Solutions surf safe with VPN’s, and one of our representative’s would be happy to speak to you about VPN usage. Safe Surfing!

For more information on how VPNs may be right for you, click here.


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