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August 03, 2020

Technology’s new normal in construction

postcovidjpgThere’s already evidence that a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic could sweep back into different parts of the country, especially as other regions ramp up testing or general complacency sets in. The construction industry has only recently bounced back from the initial setbacks delivered by the virus, and savvy project managers will start making plans for technology solutions that will enable their teams to continue moving forward and working safely.

Of course, in this era of social distancing, technology is going to continue play a central role in helping teams keep projects moving forward even in the wake of a possible second shut down. Fortunately, construction industry software solutions have been increasingly focused on helping teams work together remotely, in order to cut down on unnecessary trips to jobsites and the office, which puts the industry at large in a good position to pivot in the wake of COVID-19.

The need to stay safe is critical to protect on-site workers and partners, along with ensuring projects can continue in a pre-vaccine era. Fortunately, construction companies can deploy cloud-based technology tools that help teams stay connected and keep everyone – from the owners to the subcontractors to the jobsite staff – as safe as possible.

Cutting edge tools for a post-COVID world

If any aspect of a construction company’s digital roadmap became crystal clear over the last few months, it’s this: those organizations with a clear cloud strategy were able to pivot in response to the sudden economic shutdown and maintain some semblance of normalcy, while those that have yet to invest in cloud-based project management platforms were left trying to figure out to keep business moving forward without a physical office to return to.

Technology experts have long advocated for the construction industry to adopt a mindset that doesn’t rely solely on having a physical office to conduct business from. For years, the old-school approach of field teams returning to the home office on a weekly or daily basis to file reports or collect needed documents was the standard practice, and some firms still relied on this manual process. However, COVID-19 has forced almost every industry to reconsider their reliance on in-person interaction, and cloud software built for the construction industry makes this transition relatively seamless.

But the benefits of transitioning to the cloud aren’t limited to decreasing the reliance on in-person interaction. It also moves data access from on-premise dependency to global availability. Vital project files stored in the cloud reduce the need to visit the home office without negating the ability to get things done – plus, cloud storage makes granting access to fellow team members a breeze, as subcontractors, owners, and architectural partners enjoy the same ease of access as well.

Another technology asset that construction teams may want to consider deploying is video conferencing tools. Zoom meetings became a must-have tech tool seemingly overnight, but digital collaboration in general rose to the forefront of almost every company’s efforts to weather the storm brought by the pandemic. Even after the reliance on Zoom meetings subsides, this sudden need shined a bright light on the importance of remote collaboration. Construction companies have been relying on cloud-based collaboration software for years now in an effort to increase visibility and access, to both personnel and project data, and to connect teams in real-time without depending on an in-person visit.

Finally, as social distancing becomes the norm rather than the exception, new technology tools will help teams maintain the necessary six feet to steel against virus transmission. Proximity sensors, not unlike what tells you if your rear bumper is about to make contact with the car behind you, will help keep proper spacing between workers when jobsites return to peak activity.

Finding a silver lining

Despite the impact COVID-19 has had on jobsites across the country and around the world, a silver lining can be found when considering how quickly many companies pivoted to technology platforms with minimal downtime. Mobile collaboration tools that reduce unnecessary in-person visits and cloud-based project management software that makes data access from anywhere are attainable in the here and now – and ready for deployment.

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