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February 16, 2017

The ROI of a Construction IT Assessment

So often, roi.giftechnology investments take on the mantra of “set it and forget it” due to the hassle and time requirements associated with new deployments or software purchases. It’s understandable; these decisions often take time and involve multiple parties, so once the process is complete, many construction firms are not inclined to revisiting their purchase on an annual basis.

However, much like taking a new car in for an annual inspection outside of periodic oil changes and brake jobs, an annual review of your construction software investments can help to ensure current programs match the business’ needs, along with determining if a company is eligible for enhancements or product upgrades – often times included with annual software maintenance programs.

A thorough business IT review is designed to protect the customer’s investment in construction software technology and maximize those investment dollars for the long term. An annual review, coupled with a mid-year check-in, can help contractors proactively attack challenges associated with their technology platforms, whether it is frustration with software performance or changing up their chosen software platform for a new service that reflects a major business change, such as an acquisition or expansion into new markets.

Scheduling an annual business IT review also allows for important security testing to ensure construction companies are protected from the latest vulnerabilities and threats. Much like the oil change that discovers a failed brake caliper, an annual review of IT resources can help spot problems before they become a bigger problem. And when you consider that an annual review of a company’s construction software deployments touches on everything from the overall IT infrastructure to the latest training needs of staff and even future planned implementations, the return on investment (mostly your time!) is significant.

Companies like United Solutions Group will provide its clients with a comprehensive report following its Software Utilization Review (S.U.R.E.) program that outlines recommendations and a streamlined pathway to implementing changes. As part of a company’s overall IT spend, these annual assessments represent a great value for the customer and an important aspect of protecting and growing a construction company’s investment in technology. For more information on how such an assessment could impact your business, contact USI today.

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