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April 11, 2017

Time to Upgrade Sage 100 Contractor to Version 20

tipsTricks.gifWith all the talk about Version 20, it’s just about that time to think about making the plunge.

Sage will soon stop supporting Version 19, which means no more fixes or tax updates to that version.

When upgrading, remember to make a backup of your MB7 folder.  This will make sure you are covered should you have any issues while upgrading.

What you should know about Version 20:

  • This is a completely new background for Sage 100 Contractor.  Version 20 will be SQL Server Based unlike all prior versions that ran on FoxPro/flat file. 

  • It can run along side of Version 19, which means when you install Version 20, you will see a new set of Icons appear on your desktop as well as the old ones you are used to seeing.

  • You should concentrate on Migrating only your current Company and hold off on migrating any archived companies. 

  • You will always be able to keep your archived companies in Version 19.  Once you are up and running with Version 20, you can then start migrating your archived companies if you feel it is necessary or just want them all on one Version, but you do not have to, you can keep them on 19.

There is a lot to know about Version 20, if you need help, you can call us at 888-874-4874 or go to Sage’s knowledgebase or call Sage directly at 800-866-8049.


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