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December 20, 2018

What Can Equipment Tracking Software Do For Your Business?

As a construction company, your equipment is your lifeline. Your entire business depends on having the right equipment available for the right job at the right time in good working order.equipmentblog

Unfortunately, the reality is that equipment tracking is easier than done. This is a major challenge many construction companies face, largely because no two constructions sites are alike.  Site size and layouts, project management, restrictions, and project needs can create inconsistencies that complicate the process.

Because of such vast differences like these, equipment tracking software often serves as a common anchor to help you better manage and control your equipment resources.

Let’s explore some of the key benefits that equipment tracking software offers and how you can capitalize on them in your construction company:

#1 – It Helps You Meet Regulatory Standards

Construction companies take compliance seriously, as inconsistencies can often result in fines, health or safety hazards, or other consequences. Keeping a record of all equipment-related data, including usage, maintenance, and location, can help you mitigate any risk of non-compliance. You’ll be able to prioritize certain maintenance tasks over others, create recurring service-related tasks, and take better control of your compliance obligations.

#2 – It Helps You Manage Equipment Scheduling

Managing hundreds of pieces of equipment during peak construction season isn’t an easy feat. Traditionally, companies will try to handle equipment scheduling with traditional spreadsheets or checklists, but the inefficiencies of these methods make accuracy almost impossible.

Using equipment tracking software allows you to easily schedule equipment with minimal time investment. You can assign equipment to specific job sites or employees and know where each piece of equipment is at all times. Employees can receive alerts when equipment has been assigned to them, along with details such as the equipment’s location and the time it will be available.

Allocating work becomes more streamlined, efficient, and accurate. Companies can assign work with a few simple clicks and monitor their results at a glance. It’s a major time-saver, not to mention it can also save more than few headaches of trying to perform the same work with traditional methods.

#3 – It Removes Surprises and Guesswork Associated with Resources

Any surprises or complications during construction can throw your entire project into a tailspin. Resources must be reallocated, budgets must be carefully scrutinized, and deadlines must be remapped.

Using equipment tracking software can help take some of the guesswork and chance of complications out of the equation. It reduces the chance of scheduling inefficiencies so that unplanned responsibilities and tasks are minimal.

As a result of proper equipment tracking, projects can better stay on time and on budget and keep other resources in check.

How Will Equipment Tracking Software Help Your Construction Business?

The above isn’t a full representation of how equipment tracking software can help you improve your construction business, but it sets a strong argument that no construction company should be without it.

Sage Construction Equipment Tracking software is a comprehensive suite of tools made specifically for the construction industry to help companies better manage and understand their equipment resources. No matter your projects, Sage can help you manage each one with ease and peace of mind.

Want to see it in action? Contact us today for a free demo and see how you can put Sage Equipment Tracking to work in your construction business.

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