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May 05, 2020

What Is Procore?

procore-3Procore is one of the most versatile and robust construction project management software solutions. It integrates seamlessly with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (CRE). This connection allows all field workers to have unhindered access to financial data and cost estimates via mobile devices. Procore can be used to coordinate and manage every phase of a project from bidding to final delivery.

What Will Your Construction Company Gain from Using Procore?

Procore makes construction management more efficient in different ways. This software has a well-designed interface for document management, which makes it easy to find any project document. Team members can also receive the most recent versions of documents with automated notifications. This cloud-based feature makes team collaboration more effective, and it enhances the entire team’s productivity.

Procore improves communication between team members. It helps your project team eliminate the bottlenecks that can occur when there’s a request for information, making it easy to assign tasks to people who can provide drawings, detailed estimates, and accounting reports. Team members can work with laptops, tablets, or smartphones and respond to information requests whether they’re in the field or at the office. Procore simplifies the creation of inspection and daily reports.

Procore provides a more cost-effective solution for construction management. There’s no need to install special server hardware. Neither do you need to pay for a pre-defined number of software licenses or seats. Similarly, subcontractors or consultants who work with you don’t need long on-boarding processes to use the software.

Procore enables you to link your job sites with your offices through its mobile capabilities. Then, all your team members can use the tools for daily project management, document updates, photo linking, and reporting regardless of their location. Construction companies that use this solution can testify to the fact that it improves efficiency and cuts down the number of hours required for many routine tasks. This makes it a cost-effective solution that allows you to recover your subscription costs within a relatively short time.

Does Procore Integrate With Other Construction Software Applications?

Procore was designed to connect seamlessly with many other software tools that you may already use. For instance, it integrates efficiently with Sage 300 CRE and Sage 100 Contractor. These integrations are seamless, and they allow you to manage your project with an efficient workflow. All the information you need is at your fingertips.

You don’t have to get involved in many time-consuming processes like document scanning, uploading of a ton of pictures, or looking for the correct spreadsheet on a colleague’s computer. With Procore Drive and Procore Sync, you can create, store, and retrieve documents in the cloud. The storage available on Procore Drive is more than enough to hold and maintain all the text, graphics, photo, and database files you’ll need for all your construction projects

Out-of-the-box integration with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE streamlines the process of approving commitments and change orders. You don’t have to enter data twice, and communication between your accounting department and the project team is smooth and efficient. Your project team can perform cost management tasks in real-time with instant access anywhere and anytime.

What Problems Does Procore Solve for Construction Companies?

Procore offers all the features you need to manage construction projects. It gives you the tools you need for sharing vital information, integrating with other financial management tools, and creating daily inspection reports. Some of the key functions you can perform with this software include:

  • Project management: You can use Procore to keep daily logs and write progress reports. It can also store and retrieve drawings, timecards, and other project specifications.
  • Integration: Procore integrates with construction financial software like Sage 300 CRE, field productivity management, and quality control software.
  • Distribution: Procure helps you distribute plans to all team members and work on them together from any location.
  • Observation and Inspection: With Procore, it’s possible to make decisions at the job site with mobile devices or a laptop. Procore Field Financials tool gives you the functionality and flexibility you need to send payment applications, check payment status, and track approvals and change-orders while you’re in the field.

Where Do Procore Developers Get Their Inspiration and Ideas from?

Procore was designed with the collaborative effort of users, construction firm owners, and expert software developers. This has led to a robust software solution that simplifies the complex task of managing construction projects. Procore is highly rated because of its user-friendly interface and capability to make project management tasks more efficient and cost-effective.

Procore offers excellent customer support via phone and email. Phone calls are routed instantly to a customer representative during business hours. Therefore, millions of users, including general contractors, subcontractors, and construction companies in different parts of the world, are currently using Procore to manage their construction projects. Many of these users have also provided published their first-hand reviews online for you to read and assess the quality of this solution. Due to the high level of user satisfaction and the unique support offered by Procore developers, this solution has grown to become one of the best in the industry.

Which Devices Can Run Procore?

Procore works on the most popular operating systems including Windows for desktops and laptops as well as iOS and Android for mobile devices. This makes it a versatile tool that keeps all team members connected and productive whether they’re at the office or out in the field.

If you use Sage Estimating or Sage Bid Management, you can create digital takeoffs that enhance bidding accuracy. After the bid is awarded, you can easily integrate the digital takeoffs into Procore. Through Procore’s integration with Sage products, you can move seamlessly from your successful bid to efficient project management with just a few clicks in Procore.

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