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April 27, 2017

Why Contractors Need Service Management Tech


Although technology is spoken of in broad terms as it relates to how consumers' lives are improved, taking a minute to process just how much the landscape has changed over the last ten years can remind us all of the tools we now use - seamlessly - in our daily lives. From e-commerce giants that predict which products we'll run out of next to app-based livery drivers that come directly to a traveler's door, technology has transformed our expectations of day-to-day services.

It's only fair, then, that contractors begin to perform at the same levels of expectations and scrutiny for meeting customer demands. Keep in mind these demands are not just for top-notch service. Nowadays, high service quality is the basic cost of doing business. Customers also want work performed faster than ever before and with little to no re-work needed. They want a service call to require a single visit from a knowledgeable technician who understands the problem before they walk into a facility.

Customers also increasingly desire control over setting appointments and paying their bills. No longer do they want to hear a contractor offer up a four-hour window in which they might appear, nor do they want to wait to receive an invoice weeks later in the mail. Appointments should be scheduled with minimal impact on the customer's day, and self-service bill pay means better cash flow for contractors who choose to embrace it.

Deploying this technology may seem like a headache when in fact, it can be quite simple. Cutting-edge project management software tools and mobile-friendly service management applications delivered via the cloud ensure seamless deployment for less of a cost and implementation burden than you might expect.  Better still, some of the immediate benefits include faster response times to service calls, technicians equipped with up-to-the-minute customer jobsite information, and the ability to let customers view their work order history, pay bills and schedule appointments – all from the palm of their hand.

For service contractors, giving customers and service teams the ability to be more proactive in their relationships will offer companies a strategic edge over the competition and stand out as a more sophisticated alternative to organizations that resist service management software investments.

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