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May 17, 2018

Why is Sage Estimating the Most Widely Used Estimating Solution?

There are tons of options for estimating software, so what makes Sage Estimating stand out from estimating4the pack?

There are several reasons, actually. Sage users have reported nearly doubling their efficiency and slashing costs by 50%.  It has enabled users to increase their bid-to-win ratio. And it’s helped to prevent costly errors associated with flawed or inadequate systems.

Take a look at some of the top features and benefits that make Sage Estimating the first choice for builders, construction companies, project managers, and contractors:

Multitudes of Pre-Defined Databases

With Sage Estimating, you don’t have to start from scratch with every project, including your very first one.

With pre-existing databases and workflows specifically designed for estimators, Sage Estimating eliminates costly, time-consuming process creation by letting you get straight to work.

We’ve worked with countless contractors, estimators, project managers, builders, and construction companies to find out their most common tasks and responsibilities. Then, we streamlined those efforts into pre-existing workflows and other resources you’ll use every day. This means you get an out-of-the-box setup that can help you start leveraging the software’s best features immediately.

Easy to Upgrade from Microsoft Excel

If you’re still using Microsoft Excel for your project estimations, consider yourself behind the times. Excel has long been the go-to for estimators because of the built-in functionalities and user-friendliness, plus cloud-based Office 365 has enabled widespread collaboration for teams of all sizes.

Even so, Excel’s features remain limited, as they are not specifically designed for the life of the estimator. It’s a universal solution that does a little bit of everything, but it’s not powerful enough or comprehensive enough to satisfy every functionality necessary for estimating.

Sage Estimating was designed as a comprehensive solution for construction and project management that makes a strong alternative to Microsoft Excel. Upgrading from Excel to Sage is simplified because of Sage’s user-friendly interface and many similar spreadsheet based features. Your team will be able to onboard faster with a shorter learning curve while gaining the benefit of a powerful estimating solution built specifically with their jobs in mind.

Flexible Work Breakdown Structures

Even with the pre-existing templates and databases, you can still edit them to fit your needs. Sage Estimating makes it easy to collect and view as much (or as little) information as you need. You can create project plans, collaborate with teams, delegate tasks, and drill down on key information in the project plan to keep you working and avoid delays. If you need to sort your estimates in different formats i.e.. by location/phase, with Sage it’s a click of a mouse, no more copy paste like excel.

Bi-Direction Integration with Electronic Takeoff Application

Sage Estimating offers bi-directional integrations to communicate with eTakoeff.  Sage eTakeoff allows you to communicate between your Sage Estimate and your eTakeoff quantity takeoff tool. Both 2D&3D.

Local Support and Training

One of the biggest areas Sage Estimating excels in is ongoing training and support. With an extensive video training library on demand, an online community forum, a 24/7 knowledge base, and multiple ways to reach out to Sage directly, you have unlimited ways to make the most of your software.

Sage is already user-friendly, which can help you start using your software’s features quickly. But the ongoing support and training is the added bonus that not all estimating software providers offer – at least, not without a fee.

Wrap Up

Sage Estimating is the number one estimating software for myriad reasons. See how this comprehensive solution can work for you by taking a free test drive today.

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