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August 29, 2019

Why It’s Important Your Sage Consultant is Certified

consultantIn this day and age, we increasingly see service providers rely on outside contractors to deliver a product or solution. From cable installers to cab drivers, training has taken a backseat to efficiency and cost reduction, despite many businesses still charging a premium fee for a service that was once delivered by a highly-trained individual.

While the customer may feel like they are getting a better experience, sacrifices in quality are being made – even if they don’t realize it at first. That’s why United Solutions has bucked this trend and remained committed to hiring and training qualified consultants with deep backgrounds in industries that matter most to its customers.

Read on to learn more about the benefits – both realized and unrealized – about working with a partner that places an emphasis on industry experience and Sage product certification.

Consultants with Construction and Real Estate Expertise

When it comes to delivering world-class service for our customers in the construction and real estate industries, United Solutions realizes that the background experience of its consultants will affect the end-user experience. That’s why United Solutions' Sage product consultants typically come from an accounting role within a construction or real estate company. They know how these businesses work, which makes it possible for them to hit the ground running when working with a new customer.

Combining this industry background with Sage-certified training offers United Solutions clients a consultant who is well-versed in industry trends and the latest features and benefits of Sage solutions. Becoming Sage-certified requires extensive knowledge about Sage products new and old, allowing consultants to work with customers who utilize traditional Sage construction software products as well as new applications, like mobile field solutions.

When a United Solutions customer wants to understand how to extract maximum value from a project management solution, or learn how a cloud-based collaboration tool can integrate with their existing workflows,  consultants can jump right in to providing relevant advice and guidance. Combined with their experience of working within the same environments as their customers, it becomes perfectly clear why a Sage certified consultant offers construction and real estate clients a competitive advantage over industry peers who use untrained technology generalists.

A Team Built Around Collaboration

United Solutions consultant team is just that: a team. As opposed to a disparate group of rogue technology contractors, United Solutions Sage certified consultants meet frequently to discuss best practices and share experiences from client sites to help develop new and better solutions. Additionally, as part of the Sage product family, consultants participate in regular product training seminars and can work with Sage developers directly to troubleshoot when needed.

With an average of 15 years of service with United Solutions its Sage certified consultant team is all in on living and breathing Sage products to the benefit of its clients. Put simply, United Solutions consultant team is committed to the success of its construction and real estate clients.


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